The best 7 Blogs for Creative Activities for Preschoolers

Top 7 Blogs for creative activities for preschoolers

The real reasons why creative activities are so important for your toddler

I am constantly in awe of the amazing activities out there for nursery class or kindergarten kids online. As a mum of three I thought it would be good to create a list and share these blogs who work hard at their creative ideas in keeping your toddler busy (and out of your hair!).

What I love about doing creative activities with preschoolers is the way they throw themselves into the activity wholeheartedly and just go for it (note to self!). So while we’re on the topic here are a few reasons to integrate creative activities in preschool years:

  • It develops pencil grip and pre-writing skills
  • It encourages children to express their ideas and concepts
  • By doing art it strengthens kids attention spans
  • It can teach children how to plan their ideas on paper
  • Art is wonderful for developing fine motor skills, gross motor sills and hand-eye coordination
  • It can develop visual perception
  • They can learn about their world and their place in it
  • They learn to communicate their thoughts, experiences and ideas
  • Preschoolers also learn with practice decision-making, problem solving and critical thinking.

You may want to join in the fun too to encourage your preschooler but also because by being actively involved you can develop your child’s understanding and skills. This is also a chance to show them that there are many ways to do something. By asking them questions about what they are creating encourages critical thinking and problem solving. And I believe, we all want more curious minds in the world today!

Top 7 Blogs for Creative Activities for your Preschooler

activities for nursery class

#1 Babble Dabble Do –This is one colourful, creative blog that is all about having fun with color and really allowing kids to have fun while being creative! Ana has also written a book Steam Play Learn. I love her values of nurturing curious kids and strong family bonds through creative projects! There are a lot of activities to choose from that suit all ages, which is perfect for different interests and abilities (I know from my three children how much their interest varied in the type of activities).

Top Blog for preschooler craft activities

#2 Kids Activities Blog  

Holly has some seriously great kids activities and explains the benefits of art creation for preschoolers. She has a printable library as well where there are literally hundreds (actually there are waaay more) for you to tap into your creative vibe and get crafting with your preschooler. My favourite section is the 5 minute crafts tab. Here you will find a list of activities guaranteed to keep your preschooler happy for longer than 5 minutes, thats for sure! This blog is also more than about finding creative activities, Holly has chores lists that are age appropriate and silly jokes perfect for kids.

top kids crafts blogs

#3 The Artful Parent

The Artful Parent has a very extensive list of creative activities for preschoolers, ones that want me to break out all of our art supplies and have a go myself! Activities include marble painting, to painting with straws, clay projects and nature walk ideas (with a Free Scavenger hunt printable). All the things we love to encourage here at Growing Curious Minds.

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#4 Happy Toddler Playtime

We all love to have a happy toddler and a crafting one is generally pretty happy! With a ton of ideas to keep your toddler busy all afternoon, here you will find so many great ideas and super cute art activities you will want o have them proudly on display. Even with minimal supplies at home, there is something suitable for every household.  

Toddler playtime activities

#5 First Palette

What I love best about this blog is the simplicity of their activities and easy to navigate website (I highlight this because so many blogs are filled with too many words and it takes so long to get to the activities!).  With over 4 pages of art activities for 3-5 year olds, you are guaranteed to find something here to suit your child’s artistic desires. First Palette also have printables and craft recipes.

quick craft activities for toddlers

#6 The Imagination Tree

The imagination tree is gorgeous and filled with beautiful activities and ideas. I love their natural approach with activities from recipes to make play dough with natural dyes to fine motor skill activities to endorse those super important developmental skills for toddlers. The Imagination Tree also has activities suitable from baby, toddler, preschooler and school age making it easier to find quick activities.

Natural craft activities

#7 Fun a day

Fun-a-day have a generous archive of activities for preschoolers or even for preschool teachers. From simple marshmallow painting to catapult art (where science meets art project), there is bound to be something here that will entertain and keep your toddler busy for ages. There are also sensory activities for your toddler that are lots of fun.

Simple and fun activities for your preschooler
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