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I’m Carly, wifey to a super supportive, loving hubby, plus mum to 3 gorgeous and slightly crazy kids! I am a very family oriented person and love encouraging my kids to have a curious, loving, fun, creative, passionate life! 

As an older mum (yep I had kids over a 13 year period) so I feel I have a different perspective on all things motherhood with a generation X background. 

As a family we love the getting outdoors as well as the crafty life. From walks, or mountain biking, to camping and regular playground trips, we also appreciate and love our time at home. I believe in being creative in some way, if possible – daily! 

As a photographer I love to use the outdoors as my opportunity to switch up and use nature photography as a meditative process. It only happens once a quarter, if I’m lucky, but I have come to really appreciate these moments and fit them in when I can. More on that later. 

As a mom of three I certainly do not have it all figured out but I do have some daily habits & hacks I use to create as harmonious family life  as possible (as you can see my kids are not always impressed! lol). If anything – to try and save my sanity!
With love & happy days with your family,
Carly of Growing Curious minds
For a fun filled adventurous family life

Growing Curious Minds is my chance to give forward to other parents who are looking for tips, resources and support in developing their own children’s curiosity & development. Plus whatever small part I can do to help parents in their homeschooling journey, keeping their kids interested with activities & exploring this amazing world to bring out the best in their own kids & themselves.

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A few of our family adventures!

I love getting the kids outdoors to play, have fun and make some sweet memories. Not everything goes to plan everytime but the hardwork is always worth it!

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