How To Be An Organized Homeschool Mom

Homeschooling moms wear a lot of hats. It’s no secret that our plates are overfull and we have a lot of tasks to accomplish each day. So the need to be an organized homeschool mom is that much more important.

Homeschool moms are at “work” throughout the day.  The entire day is devoted to schooling, mentoring, shepherding our children.  Homeschooling has been one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever had. And I’ve taken up many challenging endeavors as a teacher but homeschooling has surpassed it all.

When you start homeschooling, it becomes a way of life. It weaves into everything you do. Some days are easy and a lot of days are just hard. But I found that the key to it all is being organized.



You know yourself better than anyone.  You know what works for you and what doesn’t, you know what motivates you and you know your limitations.  Always be true to yourself by not over-working yourself and stretching yourself too thin.


While it may sound simple, it’s 100% true.  How can one expect any sort of organization when there isn’t any set plan?  Decide what the lessons are for each day, the week or the month and then figure out how to plug them into the days and times that you have allotted for schoolwork.


I find that my boys and I work better when we have a schedule to follow. We start school at 9 am and every subject is allotted a time. Having a written and planned schedule decreases idle time. Not only does this make our day organized, it holds us accountable to follow that schedule and creates a schedule of consistency for the children as well.  I believe this is key in preparing them to be organized and prompt for the future events in their life. Of course, there’s flexibility in our schedule as well so if something unexpected comes up, we can modify our schedule.


This year, one of my big goals is to use a planner efficiently. I’ve always bought planners but never really utilized it to its full capacity. A week into using a planner, I’d realize that I needed more areas where I could meal plan, write prayer requests, goals etc. And I’d end up with many loose papers with different tasks all over the place. I needed a planner that hosted everything in one place. Enter the, Beyond Blessed Life Planner. This planner is really beautiful and has everything you need in one packet. You can use a binder or have it spiral bound.


Of course, I couldn’t leave out meal planning. When I first started planning out meals, I’d sit down with all the cookbooks open trying to come up with elaborate meals. It took me forever to finish my plan and I’d give up. So now I started having theme nights that has simplified the dinner dilemma for me. For example, Mondays, we’ll have Italian; Tuesdays are Mexican, Wednesday – Indian etc. And I’ve certain dishes that I rotate on a bi-weekly basis. This has taken all the guesswork out and has helped me immensely.


I find I can function better when things are not cluttered. My home is where I spend a majority of my time. Purging things you don’t need or use every couple of months is important so you don’t accumulate heaps of stuff. Just recently, we threw away broken toys, donated clothes, and organized all our books. Yes, seeing all the books organized and neatly arranged makes our day go by smoother. See how we organized our books.

Being a homeschool mom is an extremely rewarding choice.  Not only do you get to be with your children all day, you get to help develop their minds and learn along with them.  But when you are an organized homeschool mom, it sets you up for success and makes the day go smoother.  What are some tips that have helped you become more organized?

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