Presidents’ Day Activities

The month of February is jam packed with thematic activities and holidays be it Valentine’s Day, Black History Month or President’s Day. There’s a plethora of activities one could do with any of the themes.  My son is fascinated with history and Presidents. So to tie everything together, I printed out Calendar Connections from 1plus1plus1equals1. This is such an amazing free resource that helps teach important facts all the while learning calendar-related facts as well.

This year, E specifically wanted to learn about Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D Roosevelt.  We brainstormed as to how we can learn about these 2 Presidents’ effectively. He suggested a timeline and a book.  I was thrilled when he mentioned a timeline. Teaching how to create a timeline was something I wanted to teach him since last year. Learning to create a timeline is an important skill for children. By constructing a timeline himself, he’s able to be more actively engaged in learning the sequence of events in history.  So we decided to create a timeline on Abraham Lincoln and to make a book on FDR. We read books and looked up information online.  E selected the information and pictures he wanted to add on the Timeline and in the book.

E also created log cabins out of popsicle sticks and pretzels. We also revisited photos from our trip to DC last year.

Through the Timeline and the book, we learned about the Emancipation Proclamation, Civil War, The Great Depression, The New Deal and WWII.  It all connected so well with everything else he’s been learning this year!

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