16 Hands-On, Reusable Math Work Mats For Kindergarten

Math is a subject I want my boys to fall in love with. In order for that to happen, it’s important for them to have a strong foundation. Math makes more sense when it is more interesting, fun and engaging. Anytime we learn math, I always employ manipulatives or visuals to make concepts easier to comprehend.

Last week, I wanted to introduce addition to my four-year-old. I wanted him to see the whole math equation with the plus and equal symbol. He’s a kinesthetic and visual learner. Give him manipulatives and interactive material, you’ll find him engaged in an activity for several hours.

So I came up with the idea of hands on, reusable math work mats. Most days, my four -year old loves to write words and letters so he can be just like his big brother. But there are days when he wants nothing to do with writing. So these reusable math work mats are just perfect for those days.

These work mats can be used in a myriad of ways. Slip these in to dry erase pockets and you can reuse these mats daily. You could also laminate the work mats. A total of 16 Reusable Work Mats are included for free 🙂


  • These mats are great for one on one teaching, independent work, or centers.
  • Avoid having to make many copies
  • Hands -on, engaging, fun
  • Learn math concepts without having to write if child is not ready
  • Use dry erase markers, post its, number tiles or wooden numbers or playdoh to make the numbers
  • Preschoolers, Kindergarteners, and even early Elementary students can use these work mats
  • Appeals to Kinesthetic, visual, sensory, tactile learners


  • Addition Work Mats– Teach the addition terms, and properties like commutative and identity, how to add 1, doubles or tens etc.
  • Subtraction Work Mats-Teach subtraction terms like minuend, subtrahend, difference, and properties related to Subtraction, how to subtract 1s, 5s, etc.
  • All about the number Mats– Introduce number concepts like number word, tally marks, before and after numbers, how it looks like. Show how to count using a number line. An advanced version of the All About Number Mats is included too. With this mat, you can teach greater than, lesser than, odd/even, place value and combinations.
  • Hundreds Chart– Use the hundreds chart to teach counting, skip counting and or patterns. A blank hundreds chart is also included for games, review work or practice.
  • Hundreds Chart to 120 – Many preschoolers have difficulty trying to figure out what comes after 100. So I’ve included a chart up to 120.
  • Skip counting Mat– Learn to skip count 2s, 5s, and 10s with this visual mat.
  • Addition and Subtraction Mystery Number Mats– Many Kindergarteners struggle with finding missing numbers in an addition or subtraction equation. Use this mat with base ten blocks or counters to demonstrate how to find missing numbers.
  • Place Value Mats– Show the relation between numbers and their values on the place value mats. Use base ten blocks to show quantity.
  • Fact Family Mat-Use three numbers and get four facts. For example; 3, 9,12. 3+9=12, 9+3=12, 12-3=9, 12-9=3
  • Shapes Tracing Mat– Squares to octagons are included. Can be traced, or matched with objects found at home or classroom. Or use play doh, toothpicks or wiki sticks to form the shapes.
  • Blank Calendar Mat– Use this mat to teach about different months, length of months, patterns, counting, holidays etc
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