Rulers and measuring sticks

Linear Measurements

When I was in school, I remember memorizing measurement facts but never really quite understanding it.  I could measure objects but couldn’t really visualize the difference between measurements units.  My son is visual learner like me, so when we started the unit on measurement, I wanted him to give him many visual representation of the concepts.

Here are a few things we did.  E measured several objects and recorded the measurements in his notebook.  This was also a great way to review fractions as some objects measured in the halves and fourths.

Then to really give him a chance to understand how an inch or 5 inches looked like, we created an anchor chart showing different measurements.  E was asked to find something that measures 1 inch or 3 inches.  He’d go off with the ruler, find and measure things and place it on the chart.

This is a fun way to get the kids involved and engaged in the lesson.

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