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Even If You Don’t Speak It Fluently.

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I am a massive lover of travel! I always have been. My parents took me overseas when I was only 18 months old, again when I was 10 where we spent 8 weeks in Europe, then I travelled with my German speaking class at the age of 15. I was hooked! My eyes were opened to the culture, amazing food, being challenged with speaking another language and meeting new, interesting people! I. Loved. It!! I’ve since gone around the world 5 more times and taken my children with me a few times.

Speaking another language has always intrigued me and I found it so much fun (not easy at times!) but always good for a laugh. I mean who doesn’t have a laugh when one accidentally mixes a bit of German and French together leaving a total stranger bemused by your approach! At least it got them smiling!

Since having my third child and the world is opening back up for travel I am keen to get the family overseas again. My little one is most interested in other languages as she learns herself how to read and write english. I came across The Cultured Kid and again my eyes were totally opened up! We’ve started learning French together and it’s so amazing how the program has kicked off her learning! I love it! You may have some hesitations? I hear you, I certainly do not have the patience nor the ability to teach my child another language..well, except for maybe those hilarious Dora imitations I do for the kids or a handful of words I learnt back in college…

Or maybe you grew up with a little foreign language at home but as an adult, your grasp of the language has slipped away. 

You want your kids to have the benefits of a foreign language but knowing where to start feels totally overwhelming.

I want to help you discover that teaching your kids a language – even if you don’t speak it perfectly – is SO rewarding, super fun and, with a few insightful tips, nowhere near as hard as you think. You can learn WITH your kids!

I want to introduce you to The Cultured Kid – a play-based online foreign language learning program designed to help you introduce a foreign language at home with your kids and play your way to fluency week in and out.


This exclusive freebie for the Growing Curious Minds Community is to help you see how easy it can be to introduce a foreign language to your kiddos (even if you don’t speak it fluently yourself). You’ll be amazed to see your kids speaking brand new words by the end of their first week.

Designed by specialized elementary educators and based on scientific research, The Cultured Kid is the proven way to help children learn to speak a second language in a fun and engaging way. In fact, the program has been shown to give kids an academic advantage over monolingual kids who only speak one language.

How to teach your kids a foreign language

Why do so many Parents + Educators love The Cultured Kid?

  • Their weekly immersive topical vocabulary videos introduce all the core vocabulary using native speakers and communicating words through both animation and live video. This means your kids will start speaking with perfect pronunciation easier and faster.

  • Their done-for-you, play-based lesson plans help your little ones play their way to fluency with physical games and activities they LOVE – no more lesson planning, it’s all done for you.
  • Includes resources to introduce over 20 different topics including numbers, colors, neighborhood and family and over 3000 brand new vocabulary words and phrases.

  • Resources like double-sided phonetic flashcards support you introducing a language you might not be confident in – meaning you don’t have to be the expert.
  • A huge collection of printable worksheets meaning your child can practice both their reading and writing skills each and every week.

  • With a collection of songs that reinforce topical vocabulary as well as audiobooks that your kids will love – it’s never been easier to learn the foundations!
How to teach your child a foreign language

What Other Parents + Educators Say:

If I’m honest, I was a little nervous at the thought of introducing a language to my kids – especially as I don’t speak one fluently myself, but I’ve discovered The Cultured Kid does all the hard work for me – I just need to play with my kids using the lessons and they pick it up SO quickly! – Paige

My kids ask me day and night if they can watch their Spanish lessons because they love them so much. I love that it takes the pressure off me to know all the words and I can learn WITH my kids. Jessie

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