China Unit Study – Introduction

We started our study of China during the Chinese New Year.  I love exposing the children to different cultures around the world. As an introduction, we explored China on a map and identified the continent, neighboring countries, the capital and major cities, waterways, deserts and mountains.  We also labeled major attractions like the Forbidden City, The Great Wall of China etc.  We colored the Flag of China and learned about the significance of the 5 stars.

A very generous friend of mine gave us some Chinese money which my boys were thrilled about.  I had mini versions (safari toobs) of the Great Wall and Buddha of Lantau.  Stamps from China were printed out from the web.  Since we started the unit during Chinese New Year, we made some Chinese crafts which is always a hit with the kids.


My preschooler designed his paper with dot to dot markers.  My 7 year old used stencils for his fan.


My boys are obsessed with flags so I gave them another opportunity to create the Flag of China using an inexpensive wooden rectangle and gold star stickers.



We also tried our hand at paper cutting. Paper cutting was invented during the Han Dynasty and is an important form of Chinese visual art. The boys had a hard time designing their own pattern so I used this site to print out a fish and lantern pattern.

We’ve read quite a few selections of books on China so far.  The boys have enjoyed MAPS, and Ms. Frizzle’s Adventures a great deal.  The Magic Tree House book on China is a good selection for independent readers.

  1. MAPS 
  2. Ms. Frizzle’s Adventures Imperial China
  3. A is for Asia
  4. What did the Ancient Chinese Do for Me?
  5. China Everything you ever wanted to know
  6. Magic Tree House China
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