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I’m Abigail, wife to Zach, and mother of two beautiful boys. Teaching has been a passion my whole life. In fact, one of my earliest memories is setting up a ‘classroom’ at home and making my younger sister sit through my lessons. Sorry sis!

So, it surprised no-one when I left college and became an elementary school teacher. I have a Master’s degree in Elementary Education and during my time as a teacher, I have taught every grade from K-6 in several cities and towns across the breadth of the United States.

Abigail of Growing Curious Minds

These days, I have my own boys to nurture a love of learning and hope they Grow Curious Minds! I never imagined myself as a stay-at-home mom, let alone homeschooler. But, along came COVID-19 and other personal circumstances. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that on my own I’m perfectly incapable—but it is through the help of others in my community and through my faith that I have managed to not only survive, but to thrive! Now, I am enjoying all the extra time with my boys.

Growing Curious Minds is my chance to give forward to other parents who are looking for tips, resources and support in developing their own children’s curiosity, and to do whatever small part I can to help teachers in classrooms, in-person or virtually, across the country to bring out the best in their own students!

With love and God Bless,